Compassion is the active regarding of life through the eyes of love, seeing value in all people and situations.

This committed work of mind and heart restores one’s own equilibrium and sense of belovedness, allowing for ourselves, and all others, to be known as valued members of humanity.

True compassion also offers a spirit of engagement beyond the human connection to all matters, natural and otherwise.


Compassion is the heartbeat of humanity. We are most fully ourselves, when we see someone in the truth of his or her experience and are moved to respond with kindness and care. . . Pausing from the busyness of our lives and recognizing the tender humanity of another restores us to our own humanity. The pulse of care and connection within us resuscitates. Our hearts, normally dulled by the day’s burdens, beat freely with love. And the ensuing kindness we extend to others has the power to resuscitate their spirits as well. For compassion not only restores the heart of our own humanity; its healing care makes human once more the heart of another grown hard and cold.
— Practicing Compassion, Frank Rogers, Jr.. pg. 9

Practicing Compassion, Frank Rogers, Jr.

All the work here below had its genesis in the wonderful work Frank Rogers has articulated in Practicing Compassion. In his simple, elegant thesis he has given us real tools to find our way to the compassionate core that burns within us all. But tools that remain unused are simply inert implements. Tools must be picked up and put to use. How else can we find the endless supplies of compassion for ourselves and others that are required for the great work of shifting human consciousness?

Rodgers invites us into the adventure of a life time by offering us the three paths upon which we must travel.

The source of our compassionate renewal

Firstly, this path invites us to know, in the depth of our souls, a compassion that holds and heals us.
— Frank Rogers, Jr., Practicing Compassion, 12

Compassionate care of ourselves

Second, the path of compassion invites us to be liberated from the internal turbulence that disconnects us from our compassionate core.
— Frank Rogers Jr., Practicing Compassion, 13

compassion for others

Third, the path of compassion invites us to feel genuine compassion towards others
— Frank Rogers, Jr., Practicing Compassion, 14
Each person is surrounded by a cosmic circle of care and beheld by a face whose eyes gaze upon him or her as beloved.
Holding others in the light of this love opens our heart more fully toward them.
— Frank Rogers, Practicing Compassion, 84

Detachment as a foundation for compassionate practice

The spiritual practice of what Meister Echkart called 'detachment' can help create the spaciousness that allows for renewal. When we are caught up in our own angst, our own self focus, the presence that would offer us wisdom waits for us to detach, that it may offer its gift of compassion and renewed spirit. Here below, my attempt at following Meister Eckhart's instructions regarding attachment. It is not the easiest of practices, but imperative for those serious about the active practicing of compassion.

 And two lively tunes for songs I penned reflecting our struggle with the various kinds of attachements that keep us far from place of welcome to others. 

compassion in our communities

Compassion is firstly received as we know ourselves to be beloved. It follows then, that all others are beloved. And as such, we reach out to others with an open heart.