My Spiritual Exercise. candice and julian and god in conversation this last week. 

Oh, and a Love Song Too.

The Storm  - The Maker

See I am God.

See I am in all thing.

See I do all thing.

See I never lift my hands off my own works, nor ever shall, without end.

See I lead all thing to the end I ordained for it from without beginning with the same might, wisdom, and love that I made it.

How should anything be amiss?
— Julian of Norwich, The Third Showing, 11

The Waiting - The Keeper

I may make all things well;

I can make all things well,

and I will make all things well,

and I shall make all things well;

and you shall see for yourself

that all manner of things shall be well.
— Julian of Norwich, The Thirteenth Showing, 31


I it am, I it am;

I it am that is highest;

I it am that you love;

I it am that you like;

I it am that you serve;

I it am that you long for;

I it am that you desire;

I it am that you mean;

I it am that is all;

I it am that holy Church preaches

and teaches you;

I it am that showed

myself to you here.
— Julian of Norwich, The Twelfth Showing, 26

Thus ends my five day adventure with Julian's Showings, God's ice storm,

and the muddled, but never the less, beloved church. 

And here is the love song that somehow makes sense of it all.

though I am not sure why.