i am imagining that for most of you the idea of an anchorhold is new, never mind the idea of a digital anchorhold. so, let me try and break this down for you.

so, firstly, it would be good to understand the idea of a traditional anchorhold, before you can understand what a digital one is.

my anchorhold is less traditional. it is not attached to a church, but is a space within my home set apart for the purpose of contemplative study and creative adventures. Perhaps you have one in your home too. 

You may wish to know a bit about the location and setting of my anchorhold.

You may also wish to know about myself, the anchoress. 

Now that you know what a traditional anchorhold is like, and a little bit about my less traditional, modern anchorhold, i draw your attention to the fact that in a traditional anchorhold there were three windows within it. 

one window entered into the church where the anchoress had access to the priest and to communion - remember this was in time before the reformation and the catholic church was the christian church, so the leadership lay with the priests. this was the window that provided the anchoress with solidarity to her faith tradition, study, support, council.

i have a similar window, though it is not attached physically to a particular religious establishment, but leans upon, and is supported by, the intellectual resources of various places of study and the faith traditions that have influenced my thought. 

a second opening in the anchorhold was for the person who cared for the anchoress, supplying sustenance for daily living, laundry service, and any books or personal items that would be needed. 

in my anchorhold, my physical needs are supplied by various supports, though mostly by myself. In the past, however, and still in the present, there have been numerous 'benifactors' that have supported and upheld my physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

intellectually I am supported by a vast array of writers, scholars, philosophers, scientists, and thinkers of all kinds. Here you will find the bibliography that supports the particular thought of my anchorhold offering, as well as highlighting those who have fed my soul and intellect over time.

the third window in a traditional anchorage opened on to the street of the town or village where it was located. here the people could visit for spiritual direction or council. here the anchoress made her contribution to the spiritual welfare of her community. as certain anchoresses became known for their writings or council, such as jullian of norich, a visit to their anchorage became a valued destination and added prestiege to both the church it was attached to and the community it served. 

Here, through my third window, I offer you the gift of my contemplative thought, imbued by the compassionate presence, and yielding, my creative outpourings, and a currated selection of the artistic endovours of others.