Before we knew the world was round, it was so.


Before we knew the twinkling in the sky

was the burning of enormous balls of fire, it was so.


Before we knew it was possible that a tiny entity within a tiny entity, neither of which we knew anything about,

could be split and the splitting of it would sear the skin off an entire city of people and leave it a burning inferno, it was possible.


Before we knew that one single specifies on this earth

was capable of annihilating all others, it was possible.  


There are an infinite number of things that are so, 

and an infinite number of things that are possible. 

 They are always in front of us, and yet, beyond us. 


We must dwell, then, in possibility,

 holding our knowledge lightly, 

marveling at its ever changing hue, 

and the tender nature of its birthing.  


And perhaps, if we are humble enough, 

and the universe bountiful in its grace,

our knowing how to do, 

will relax enough to catch up with what

 we are capable of knowing.