Scales Of Justice, acrylic on canvas 3x4 feet Dec 23, 2009.jpg

Our good and our evil are but the same,

balanced at different points along the taut line of life

that holds us in tension.


Careening to one side we lavish the world with our generous sprit,

then slipping back we gather everything to us in parsimonious hoarding.


Like children on a teeter-totter we fling ourselves into the air, higher, higher,

squealing with delight at the power we yield.

Then we crash to the ground throwing another higher, higher,

worshiping their accomplishments while grovelling in our so-called sin

in the arid playground dust created by so many little feet before us.


Our view is of opposites, categories, and separation.

It is a faulty viewing.


It is all a shared continuum,

our gracious intentions but the extrapolation of our fault lines,

our supposed error, but the extension of our innate goodness.

Where we are gifted, in exaggeration, we are disgraced. 


Be gentle then, little one, and keep your balance. 

Purest joy is not in riding high, but moving in sweet harmony with the daily life that is given.

We are not to charge against ourselves in combat, 

but walk sweetly hand in hand on our soul’s journey, 

offering peace and justice to all.