We want what we want and we do what we want to get it.


 Beauty becomes inconvenient.People morph in to resources.

Time lays down its lashes. And we are unknowingly lost.


But eternity is not so easily mocked and in its great expanse it waits patiently,

watching our foolishness, pondering our blindness, catching us when we fall.


And when we do, when we have stumbled over our own avarice, 

still stunned by the jolt of the hard earth offering up its adamantine surface

in its gracious attempt to jump start us to life, 

it is there in the waiting, where eternity lies, and too, hope.


In stillness we might yet consider the grace with which the earth

absorbs the bodies of our endless cruelty, 

drinks in the fumes of our addictions, 

bears the parade of our heavy boot steps pounding her down.


Huddled together, understanding ourselves to be lost,

waiting at the bottom of that shaft of darkness perhaps we will offer up an apology,

beg forgiveness of one another and the open sky, 

plead for reconciliation and embrace humble love.

In weakness and tears we may begin to understand our humanity, 

which holds the spark of divinity, 

and so much more yet to be discovered.