A traditional anchorhold was virtually built onto the side of an existing church, leaning upon it, both metaphorically and physically.

My anchorhold leans also. It leans for support on places of study and spiritual renewal which have supported me in the past, and continue to support me today. 


Claremont Theological School

The hybrid DMin program I am just completing at Claremont is a joy and a delight. It is intellectually challenging, but so full of grace one dares to dream. And yes, we are trying to change the world. Because we can. And we will. And we do. 

"Claremont School of Theology students range in age from 20 to 86, 60 percent are students of color and international students, almost half are women. We are LGBTQIA-friendly, representing more than 40 denominations and traditions. We are seeking friends and allies in working together to create a difference for the world we live in, now! "

Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto

The beauty of the Toronto School of Theology is the cross pollination between seminaries in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  As with all enlightened theological schools it is now expanding the courses it offers in other faith traditions and disciplines. 

Regis College, TST

Regis College has always had a strong focus on spirituality. The training I received here in spiritual direction was revelatory, truly life altering. I am forever indebted. 

Knox College, TST

At Knox College the Presbyterian tradition places great emphasis on scholarly work, educational travel, and informed theology. They set a high bar when I first returned to school at the age of fifty, and for that insistence on excellence I am grateful. 

Summer Program, Oxford University, England

Oxford, really, they do have a pretty nice set up, having been at it for awhile. The professors whose feet I sat at all shared that most valuable of virtues, humility. Perhaps it was working in such grand surroundings that kept them aware of their clay feet, but whatever it was, it was beautiful to behold. Their summer programs are legendary

Victoria College, University of Toronto

Victoria College was where I stumbled through my undergrad at U of T, and I do mean stumbled. But I have forever friends from this time in my life far more valuable to me than any piece of paper with a seal on it. 

spiritual directors international

Spiritual Directors International is an extraordinary resource. Not only does it host excellent conferences one a year, it catalogues and makes available a vast library of materials written, recorded and videotaped on contemplation and compassion, two key elements in spiritual direction. Its bimonthly magazine 'Presence' is superb. 

Loyola Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario

Loyola House is a retreat centre just over an hour from my home. They facilitate silent retreats, workshops and quiet days away that are invaluable to me. 

I loved studying. The world the philosphers and theologians opened up to me in the middle time of my life was wondrous. So. It was difficult to come to understand some years ago that the world of wonder they offered, came at an enormous cost, for it was only offered to the white European, and not to those outside the tidy gates of priviledge - white priviledge, something I am only beginning to understand. Dr. Katalina Tahaafe-Williams, Director of Communications at the United Theological College of the Uniting Churches of Australia, articulates this same surprise, though from the place outside that same privildge. I am grateful for her voice. 

United Church of Canada

I have been serving for two years, and will continue to serve for another three years, in the United Church of Canada. I love their beautiful, poetic new 'song of faith',  and in particular their statement of belief on interreligious dialogue. 

"The United Church of Canada views the religious practice of all people of goodwill with respect and gratitude. We believe the Spirit of God is at work in many different faith communities.

For Christians, Jesus is the way we know God. Our understanding is nonetheless limited by human imagination. God is greater still and works in our world by a mysterious Spirit that knows no distinction at the doorway of a Christian chapel; Buddhist, Hindu, or Sikh temple; Aboriginal sweat lodge, Muslim mosque, or Jewish synagogue.

We work together with other Christian churches whenever possible, and among people of other religions in Canada and throughout the world on matters of justice, peace, and human dignity. Today, difference is everywhere around us and, we believe, a great cause for celebration."

Yes, a cause for celebration!

Presbyterian Church of Canada

"We shall not be consumed." A good motto. We shall not be consumed, no matter how close we dare to draw to the divine spirit. The PCC tells us, then, to be fearless in the face of our calling. I am ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Canada